About us

Name                                                    :               Anguluri Anjani Devi
Parents                                                :               Mamidela Venkata Subbamma, Raghavaiaha
Birthday                                               :                April 19
Husband                                              :                Anguluri Anjaneyulu
Educational Qualifications              :                BA Telugu Lit.
Published stories (25)                     :               Twenty five
Stories Vol. (1)                                   :               “Jeevitham ante Katha Kadu” Life Is Not a Story (2009)


*Madhurima  (sweetness)  ( serial, in Pragati Weekly 1981)
*Neeku Nenunna  ( I Am There For You) (Novel`2008)
*Mounaraagam (Silent Melody) (Serial in Navya weekly  2009)
*Ee dari manasainadi (This Way is Pleasant)(serial in Swathee Weekly `2010)
*Rendo Jeevitham (Second Life) serial in Swati Weekly`2011)

Poetry Volumes (1)                        :                Gundelonchi Arunodayam  (Saffron Morning from Heart) (1986)
Awards Obtained (2)                     :                 Ummettala’ Literary Award

Ummettala’ Literary Award

* 22`04-2010 Lekhini Organization’s Yaddanapoodi Sulochana Rani Award for Matrumoorthy ( The Mother) Novel
* 26`01`2012 Health Care International’s “National Award”
* 06`05`2012 “Celebrity Newsmaker Award”

*All India Radio   :   Stories, Poems written by the author have been broadcasted several times from All India Radio, Cuddappah in her own voice.
23`03`2012 Participated in the poetry recital organized by All India Radio, Warangal and recited a poem that they wrote.

*About the author, in their own words   :   My poems, stories and novels are poured out after thinking, struggling, and doing penance for many a sleepless nights. It is easy to say one has to progress with their own efforts. It is not like stating, ” one should get inspired from their own self motivation”..I am living it now.

I like people who speak frankly without any pretensions. Also those with honesty.. However, if we want to befriend ‘em, it is not possible to find them. Silence delineates man from the world… It is necessary to converse. That is why, I speak only when I have something to say…

We cannot face hatred with hatred, ever. Love alone cures it…

Instead of pining for someone to love me, I grew up to love myself.
That is the reason for my progress…

Presently I visualize life in my occupation, raising my hopes alive through my hobbies.

*My favorite thought   :   We should consider those who are greater than us as burning sacred flame. One should never go too close to them, we will burn into ashes. In the same lines, we cannot stay distant too. Mind gets frozen.